Asterix Jigsaw Puzzle Collection

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Asterix is now in a terrible mood, so in order to cheer him up, you need to perform an interesting and exciting task. The goal of the game is to collect a mosaic with the image of an angry hero, so that he finally becomes kinder, becoming what he was before. Decide on the level of difficulty of the test, it can be a combination of 25, 49 or 100 parts. It is important to try to complete the task as soon as possible to earn a high score – three stars. If everything works out, then the image will be restored, otherwise, use the "Collect" button, which is responsible for auto-assembling the image. After that, the result of the current passage will be reset to zero, you will have to start the mission again. In any case, do not lose heart, continue until you achieve a positive result.

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