Shooting 7 Played

Defeat your enemies Dee, Don, Dex, Dr Mingo and more. Chuck is a worldwide kids and tweens animation brand with over 2 billion views. In this game, launch your egg and watch it leap from wall to wall and take down your opponents. Collect magic eggs to turn Chuck into your second-person superhero. For example, Obtain the Rhino Punch egg to pierce armored tanks. Transform into Eagle Eyes to save the hostages. Use the Stinky Skunk ability to knock out nearby enemies. Use the Speed ​​Cheetah to warm up on frozen hostages. Become the leaping Toadfish to cross the pool of water. Transform into a Rubber Snake to easily reach enemies with your elastic hand. Transform into Invisible Chameleon to avoid laser detection. Transform into Miniscule Rat to shrink in size, get through tiny holes. Very attractive chuck theme complete with original soundtrack and voiceover dialogue. More than 30 challenging levels. Learn and adapt to changing levels as you master new chuck superpowers. Have fun

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